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Phototastic Is A Windows 8 & RT Collage Maker With Loads Of Grid Layouts

Photo collage creating apps have always remained fairly popular both among mobile and desktop users. Despite that, we have yet to find any good photo collage app for Windows 8 yet – with the exception of Cool Collage – that is both free and feature-rich. Phototastic, though, looks quite promising, to say the least. This Modern UI app lets you create photo grids using a handful of templates and customize each individual photo to your heart’s content. Details to follow.

The interface of Phototastic looks quite straightforward and embraces the Windows 8 design philosophy. To get started, tap/click ‘Create your first Collage’ and then choose your desired collage layout.


The collage layouts screen comprises loads of templates, each of which lets you stitch multiple photos in varying grids. You will find multiple arrangements for combinations of two images and above, up to a maximum of 25 images. Though, packages with the highest quantity are only available after paid upgrades.

After you’ve chosen your desired layout, Phototastic lets you select the pictures you want to insert into the grid.

Phototastic Layout

Next, it presents an editing workspace, which carries a handful of tools and settings to fine-tune various parameters, such as border size, photo shape, surface background, shadow, image size, etc. You can also randomize the pattern using the left and right arrow buttons located to the bottom-left.


Each option provides a further set of adjustments. For instance, under Border option, you are allowed to adjust horizontal and vertical margins for both inner and outer sides of the image. Similarly, you can control the size of the shadow beneath each image, as well as switch to a different layout on the fly. You can even select each individual image and do further tweaking if required, including image rotation, resizing, border adjustment and so on.


Phototastic also allows you to select a background for your collage. Though, the stock background patterns aren’t something to write home about. You can choose either a gradient color or textured pattern as well as adjust the intensity and scale of the background.


Once you’re happy with the result, you can publish the collage to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or save it to your hard drive in PNG or JPEG format. Phototastic is available for free on the Windows Store and is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Install Phototastic from Windows Store


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