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PictureCollageMaker For Windows Boasts Countless Templates, Frames & Photo Effects

Who doesn’t like making those beautiful-looking photo collages? After all, it makes the whole photo sharing experience a lot more mesmerizing. Previously, we have reviewed an umpteen number of photo collage tools, such as Cookiepix for Mac (review), Shape Collage (review) and the recently covered CollageIt (review), just to name a few. However, if all this isn’t enough to satiate your appetite, then go ahead and give PictureCollageMaker a shot. This feature-rich application has a quite a lot to offer, and is filled with a gargantuan amount of templates, frames, masks, clip art and photo effects.  You can create your collages either through a wizard mode, or by manually selecting various parameters, the latter of which is much more comprehensive.

What sets it apart from other similar applications, is the outstanding amount of templates, combined with the ability to customize one of your own. There are tonnes of settings and options; so much so that you’d probably feel lost. Other miscellaneous features include up to four selectable skins, ability to add text, calendar and clip arts to your projects, sharing photo collages through emails, saving on local drive or directly setting them as wallpapers.

Note: Please note that PictureCollageMaker is a paid application with a price tag of $29.90. The app is available for free up to June 17, 2012 in celebration of Father’s Day. Grab it while the offer lasts.

Upon launch, you will be introduced to the program’s eye-catching interface, with a plethora of photo features at your disposal. The left side of the application comprises of Templates, Background, Photo, Mask, Frame and Clipart controls. To get started, choose your desired template from the Template panel. All templates vary in design and layout (some of them are quite similar, too). In case you need to set a background for the template, you can do so from the Background panel.


Click More Settings button in the Background panel, and you will be given further background settings to tweak around with, such as selection between Color Fill or custom Image. Furthermore, you can select image type (Tile, Center, Stretch, Stretch and Crop), as well as its Opacity.


Mask panel contains different masking templates, sporting various shapes and designs. Select any photo within your collage and double-click a mask to apply the effect.


Likewise, you may select a photo frame effect (instead) from the Frame panel. The procedure of applying a frame works the same was as that of mask.


Also available are various tiny clip arts under the Clipart panel; for instance, candles, leaves, smiley, balloons, teddy bear and so on. At the left side of the application window is the Layers panel, which works the same way as other major photo editing tools (like Photoshop).


The program also let you customize collage size by clicking Collage > Collage Panel Settings on the toolbar. It contains various predefined sizes while providing you with an option to enter your own custom size in Width, Height and DPI (dot per inch) values. Finally, you may change Orientation to Portrait or Landscape.

Collage Panel Setting

Click Share followed by Save Collage As Picture on the toolbar in order to Save it As Picture, Set Wallpaper, Send Email or create Collage Product by uploading the image to the developer’s site to print the image on shirts, mugs or other products. To save the image, click Save As Picture and select output folder. The application lets you save the image in five different formats, i.e., BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF. Input the title under File Name and click OK.

Share Collage

All-in-all, PictureCollageMaker is an excellent program full of various feature-sets. The application is available for Windows and Mac OSX. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit OS.

Download PictureCollageMaker

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