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Pin An Item To The Left Side Of The Start Menu In Windows 10

The new Start menu in Windows 10 has been received well but live tiles are kind of glitchy for some apps and there isn’t much control over the color a tile can be often making it seem very unappealing  against the Start menu’s own color. You could unpin all the tiles from the Start menu and instead get a much slimmer one. If however, you like your tiles, but would still like to be able to choose which apps appear on the left side of the Start menu under ‘Most Used’ apps, there’s a work around to getting it how you want it. We do warn you that’s it’s a bit tedious but worth the space you will utilize.

Open the Start menu and take a good look at the Most used apps’ list on the left. It populates over time to feature the apps you use the most and will sometimes even feature an app you recently opened even if you don’t use it very often. If you don’t see the ‘Most Used’ list, go to the Settings app and in the Personalization group of settings, go to the Start tab to enable them.

The trick to seeing only your preferred apps here is to exclude all the other ones. Right-click an app that you do not want to see in the list and select ‘Don’t show in this list’. After that, no matter how often you use that app it will not appear in this list. Repeat for every single app that shows up in the list and that you aren’t keen on keeping. As you remove an app, it will be replaced with a new one. Keep going until only your favorites are the ones allowed here.


You’ll end up with something like this; I’ve got my browser, my image viewer, the Control Panel, the  Windows Store, the Calculator app, and the Notepad app appearing in the list and I’m very happy with it. If at any time a different app makes it into this list, simply exclude it like you did the others.



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