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Pin Files, Folders And Shell & Library Locations To Windows 8 Taskbar

Shortcuts allow you to easily access frequently used programs without having to navigate through a series of folders. Having too many shortcuts on your desktop can create clutter and confuse you, defeating the basic purpose of having shortcuts. We have covered a lot of useful shortcut managers that enable you to reduce the clutter on your desktop and still have all the required shortcuts in your reach. However, if you don’t like installing third party applications to your system, Windows 7 and Windows 8 provide you with the Pin to Taskbar option. It is the closest thing to have as a replacement for shortcuts. You can pin the executable application files and your favorite folders on the taskbar and launch them directly without having to open Windows Explorer. However, there are still some items, including Shell Locations, such as Control Panel, Personalization, Power Options, Recycle Bin etc, and default Libraries for Music, Video, Pictures and Documents. Today, we have an application for Windows called Taskbar Pinner that increases the scope of Pin to Taskbar option and lets you pin any type of file, folder, application, hard drive volume, shell location or library to the Windows Taskbar.

When you launch the setup of the application, the SmartScreen Filter of Windows 8 warns notifies you about it. This reason behind this warning is that it is a third party application which is not recognized by Windows. Click the More info button to continue.


Then, select the Run Anyway button to continue with the installation. Note that one more warning from UAC might also pop up during, or after installation. Allowing the program to run normally will not harm your PC in any way.

Windows protected your PC

The main interface of the application is really simple. It has four basic options that allow you to Pin a File, Pin a Folder, Pin a Shell Location and Pin a Library to the task bar. An additional option integrates the Pin to Taskbar option in the context menu of files, folders and other items accessible through the Windows Explorer.

TaskbarPinner 1.0.0

Other than the normally available Pin a File and Pin a Folder , the program provides you with two extra options: Pin a Shell Location and Pin a Library. The first one lets you add system related dialog boxes, such as Personalization, Power Options, Programs and features, Recycle Bin etc to the taskbar for quick access.

Pin a Virtual Folder

When pinned, the items can be easily accessed just by clicking their shortcuts in the Windows Taskbar.

Pin to Taskbar

Taskbar Pinner works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Taskbar Pinner

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