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Pin Frequently Accessed Settings To The Start Menu In Windows 10

The Start menu in Windows 10 is very different from what it was in Windows 7 but not in a bad way. It offers more space for pinning app tiles and serves as a great way to quickly access your frequently used apps without giving them precious space on the Taskbar. The live tiles themselves make it all the more useful. When you transition to Windows 10, especially if you’re coming from Windows 7, the settings in Windows 10 are going to take a little time adjusting to. How you access them has changed from build-to-build, and definitely from one operating system to another. To make it easier to access Settings, you can pin them to the Start Menu. Here’s how.

Open the Settings’ app and right-click the group of settings you want to pin. You can pin an entire group to the start menu.

pin to start settings

If you don’t need to pin an entire group of settings but would instead prefer one particular setting to be accessible from the Start menu, navigate to it in the Settings app. On its respective tab, right-click and you will get the same ‘Pin to Start’ option you did before.

setting_pin to start

You an pin as many settings as you want to the Start menu and even group them together so you have them all in once place. It’s a great way of getting to toggle switches faster and you don’t have to search for a particular setting that you’re prone to forgetting the location of often.

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