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Pixelitor Image Editor Supports Layers And Multiple Image Effects

Image editors can be found in numbers and all have relative features and options to edit the image in desired way. The lowest complexity level of such applications might be the very first factor to opt one as permanent image editor. GIMP and Photoshop has already marked the place as an efficient image editors and encompass variety of features, tools and options to make use of. However, if you just need to apply layers over images, you can try out Pixelitor. It includes multitude of features, image editing tools, and options to quickly modify the images as required while offering you to insert and modify image layers as desired.

The interface is quite simple and has a broad stunning layout. The left side bar contains some basic image editing tools which includes; panning, selection , brush, color fill tool, etc. While supporting drag & drop behavior for inserting images, it also support list of file formats which includes; PNG, BMP, JPG, and native PXC for saving as a project. As it mainly emphasize on providing simple way to work with layers. you’ll see a layer pane at the right side of the window, where you can easily create/delete a layer, define opacity and apply other effects.

pixelitor layer1

All the respective features and options of selected tool can be seen on the upper part of the window, you can easily choose an effect, select modes, change color intensities for the specified tool. The self-explanatory menu bars comes useful to quickly change respective effects’ options. Under Colors, Layers and Filter menu, you will find corresponding coloring sub-menus, layering options, and Filter sub-menu respectively.


layer final1


As it includes multitude of image effects and numerous features, you can easily start editing image  along with creating and managing multiple overlaying layers. We consider it one great find as it caters both amateurs and pros alike.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Pixelitor

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