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How to play only audio from a video file on Windows 10

Audio from a video can be extracted fairly easily. All you need to do is convert the file to an audio format. You can convert it to a lossless or lossy format and it’s easy to do whether you want to use a desktop app or a web app for the conversion. If converting the file isn’t an option at the moment, and all you want is audio from a video, you can use VLC player and play only audio from a video file. Here’s how.

Play only audio from video

Open the video in VLC player. You can pause it if you want but it’s not compulsory. Right-click inside the video player and select Video>Video Track>Disable. This will turn off the video but the audio track will still be enabled.

If you paused the video, you can unpause it and it will play only the audio. This setting isn’t permanent. If you close the video and open it again, or a different one in VLC player, the video will play like it normally does.

If you’d like VLC player to stop playing videos and just stick to audio, you can disable audio from the app’s settings.

Open VLC player and go to Tools>Preferences. Select the Video tab and uncheck the ‘Enable video’ option. This will disable video playback by default so no matter what file type you open in VLC player, there will be no video to go with it. You can, of course, enable video on the fly when you need it.

Right-click inside the player and from the context menu go to Video>Video Track and select the video track listed there. The ‘Disable’ option is what’s going to be enabled by default since you’ve disabled video playback.

This same setting exists for audio as well. If you want all video to play silently you can disable audio for a particular video when it’s playing, or you can disable audio entirely from the Audio tab under the app’s preferences. Of course, it is just easier to mute the video.

Video players generally let you switch between audio and video tracks if there are multiple tracks available. An app will rarely allow you to disable audio or video given that people don’t generally watch video without audio though some might want to listen to audio without video. VLC tends to give users complete freedom and it also takes into account the unique scenarios the app might be used in.

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