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PlayClaw: Take Screenshots & Record In-Game Video In Multiple FPS

Taking screenshots in games and creating screencasts for showcasing one’s gaming skills is very common among hardcore single player and multiplayer gamers. Head over to YouTube and you will see numerous gameplay videos, being shared by hundreds of thousands of games, around the world. Due to the ability of gamers to take screenshots and screencasts, we have been able to share those ”Arrow to the knee” jokes. There are various software solutions that let you easily capture screencasts and screenshots, such as the renowned FRAPS, that also displays real time frame rates. Taksi is another open source tool we covered earlier to take screenshots and record video clips of games and 3D-graphics applications. Today, we have another one such tool, called PlayClaw, that allows you to capture screenshots, record game video with multisource in-game and microphone audio, set recording frame rate and encoder compression etc. More details to follow about PlayClaw.

The tool has intuitive design and seems quite easy to quickly capture screens and screencasts from any game. The application provides you with all the basic settings to capture screenshots and record game video. It has multi-language support, including English, Dutch, French, Portuguese etc. You can set separate folders for saving screenshots and game videos, and specify hot key to show application settings during the game.

PlayClaw 3

The Basic capture options window allows you to define hot keys for taking screenshots and starting/stopping video capture, change Encoder settings and specify Video file FPS (frames per second). You can define multiple audio streams to record, and choose to mix sources in one track.

Basic capture options

Even though the application takes great screenshots and record videos, in our experience, it made the game lag. Testing was done using the game Quake 3 on an i3 system running 64-bit Windows 7, Ultimate edition. This may, however, owe to the fact that our test machine did not have a dedicated graphics processor, and results might be different on other systems.

quake3 2012-01-19 11-07-42

All in all, PlayClaw is a handsome tool to quickly capture those awesome gaming moments. is The application is available in both free and paid versions, and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 Ultimate.

Download PlayClaw

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