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Podreel Creates Enhanced Podcasts In AAC And M4A Formats

Enhanced Podcast authoring tools are based on either Microsoft or Apple approach of creating a podcast, since Microsoft WMV scripted approach is difficult to implement, many users rely on tools that use Apple’s AAC and QuickTime to author podcasts. Podreel offers a simple way for creating enhanced audio podcasts on Windows, supporting only Apple audio format – AAC and M4A. Enhanced podcast is a mix of audio along with user-defined images which can be further complemented by markers, chapters and URLs, using Podreel, one can easily include audio chapters with images and hyperlinks in the podcast.

Creating an enhanced podcast is easy with Podreel, as all the options for inserting audio markers, picture, chapter title and URL are provided in respective columns. You can add/delete chapters, attach audio file, export podcast to iTunes by clicking respective buttons on toolbar.


The application comes in two flavors, the free version let users include only five chapters while the Paid version which costs $24.45 puts absolutely no limit on audio chapters inclusion. Another major downside of Free version is that you will get to listen a promotional message at the end of the file, the problem isn’t big enough to overlook its usability, you can easily crop out the annoying message using any audio editing program, like, Free Audio Editor. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

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