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Poladroid Is An Awesome Polaroid Image Maker

Poladriod is one nifty application having stunning and intriguing interface which will give you an indelible experience of converting digital photos into polaroid like images. It supports all eminent image formats whilst offering seamless way of converting photos into high quality polaroids.

The most amazing facet is the eye-candy printer-like interface and intuitive usage. To convert digital photos into polaroid images, just drag the images over the application window to let it convert the images. After the conversion, it will place the resultant images as small sticky polaroid photos on the screen. You can reach the source folder where the converted images are residing by right-clicking the image. There aren’t much options to play around with, you can change some general application behaviors and Polaroid images’ appearances such as; blur intensity and image vignetting.


The image processing takes some time which is subjected to the size of the image. The red ribbon on the polariod images signifies that they have been completely converted. It converts images into raw polariod images as if they are taken from a real camera. To bring originality, it places different sort of marks on the images, you’ll see thumb impressions and dirt spots.


Clicking the dot imaged button will bring up application setting menu. It also let user upload polariods to Flickr on-the-fly. From the menu, select Settings to bring up Preferences window, where you can change destination folder, configure image settings and change aforementioned post-processing options. All these option are spread under respective tabs.


It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Poladriod

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