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PostponeIt – Delay Tasks In Windows Using Hotkey & Voice Commands

It often happens that a pop-up message for an application upgrade or important system process (such as a scheduled backup) appears on screen when you are in the middle of an important task. While such prompts can be quite annoying, they are many a times tied to important system tasks which must be attended to. PostponeIt is a simple application which allows you to delay the execution of such tasks. For example, if you are in the middle of an important task and a prompt for a system backup appears, you can postpone it for e.g. 1 hour and continue working on your current task. This ensures that you do not have to reconfigure settings for scheduled system updates and get rid of temporary distractions which may affect your focus on the task at hand. PostponeIt can also be used to delay currently running processes to schedule them for later use. This may be the case for postponing synchronizing tasks, active downloads (such as Torrent downloads), etc. PostponeIt adds the pending tasks to a reminder and provides a prompt when the scheduled time for the delayed task is reached. You can postpone tasks using a hotkey and speaking into a microphone to set the reminder.

After installation, PostponeIt works from the system tray and allows delaying tasks using a simple hotkey. The default hotkey is CTRL+ALT+N. From the system tray, you can add custom reminders, view delayed tasks and change the default hotkey combination.

System tray

To change the default hotkey, go to Configure hot keys option from system tray, click Add Reminder text box and enter a keyboard combination. The next time you wish to delay a task, hit this hotkey.

Hot keys configuration

You will be presented with options to select a time and date to receive a reminder for the postponed task, along with a title for the reminder. You can also speak into the microphone to set a voice command and set date/time for the reminder.

Add reminder

A prompt for the postponed task will appear according to your configured time frame. A list of the reminders can be accessed and edited from the system tray to change the reminder schedule from the View all reminders option.

List of reminders

PostponeIt works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download PostponeIt