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Simple Data Backup: Powerful On-Demand Data Backup Software With Desktop Shortcut Feature

Almost every data backup and synchronization application allows you to create, run and also schedule the data backup/sync jobs to keep the target location updated with most recent files, but if you don’t schedule the backup operation, you have to open the data backup application to manually backup data to target location. If you’re looking for a simple, yet quick data backup utility that doesn’t force to open the main interface to backup the required data, check out Simple Data Backup. Apart from providing all conventional data backup options, it offers an on-demand backup option namely create backup job shortcut at desktop to quickly perform the backup operation. You can also schedule the backup tasks, and set post-backup job actions, such as log off, shutdown system, put computer to sleep, show errors and more.

Additionally, you can create exact copy of source data, or choose to compress backup files in ZIP and 7-Zip password-protected archives. Unlike other data backup tools, you will be able to backup files that are in use by processes, and perform full or incremental backups. The application allows you to backup data at local drives, network location, USB/flash drives, and optical discs.

In order to create a backup job, launch the application, click Crete a new Backup, and specify the backup task details, including backup schedule, backup format (exact copy or compression format), and backup job compression level (best speed, best size, and medium size & speed). It also allows you to specify operation to be performed for those files that no longer exist in source folders, and post backup job actions, such as log off user, put PC to sleep, shutdown system, show errors and more.

simple data backup

You can specify applications that you want to close every time backup job starts, to increase the time it takes to complete a backup job. Just click Pre-Backup Program Closures and specify the programs’ executable names.

close apps

The Additional Backup Options button will open a separate dialog, letting you enter backup command switches to further customize the backup job. You can also enter error threshold and error notify threshold, and set additional backup schedule options. It must be noted that these backup settings must be configured after understanding the usage of each option. The application provides help manual that  provides details on each advance backup option.

additional backup options

Before you create a backup job, make sure that you’ve enabled Place a shortcut on Desktop to run this backup option. Now specify the source and target location, enter the file filters and other required details.

add folders

Once done, click OK to create a backup job and add a shortcut to desktop. The main interface lets you edit existing backup jobs, run backup tasks, and set advance application options.

run backup now

If you enabled the option to place desktop shortcut of backup operation, just double-click it to run the backup task.

backup completed

The application can create shortcuts for as many backup jobs as you want. During testing, we encountered some issues while backing up data in ZIP and 7z file formats. However, the Direct File Copy option worked without any problems. Simple Data Backup works on all versions of Windows. Testing was done on Windows 7 64-bit edition.

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