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meGUI – The Most Powerful Open Source Video Converter

Video converters are abundant, both paid and free ones, and developers tend to focus more towards simplicity, ease-of-use, etc to make it easier for an average Joe. meGUI is one of the most powerful open source feature-rich video converters out there, with less focus on simplicity and more towards performance. In a nutshell, it is targeted towards power users or the so called advanced users but that doesn’t make the app much difficult to use. If you have tried plenty of video converters before then using this app would be a piece-of-cake.


meGUI has a necessary dependency, an open source program called Avisynth, which should ideally be installed before installing meGUI. On its first run, the software will check for updates both for program components and encoding profiles.

MeGUI Updater

Once the software is updated, you may begin with your first video conversion, a basic one that this review will aim to explain. To begin with, click on Tools and select AVS Script Creator. A new menu will open. Add a video file to the Video Input field in I/O tab.

Video Input

Next, select Auto Crop and move to the next tab, i.e., Filters. Here click the Analyze button. Analysis will take a while, so be patient and press Save at the end.


The Script Creator would be closed by saving, and you will now have the main window at your disposal again. Video Output parameter defines the location of the output file, which is by default the same directory as the original. You may change it if you like. Next click on Encoder Settings and select one of the profiles. Click on the enqueue button under Video encoding. Go down to the audio tab and select the same video file for audio input. Select a proper encoder setting and Enqueue the audio as well.

meGUI output

Switch to the Queue tab and click on the start button to begin encoding.


The final step is to mux the audio and video. This is done by clicking on Tools > Muxer and selecting the appropriate tool (either avi, mkv or mp4) from the available options. Add the processed video and audio in the new window and queue the muxing in the end. Switch back to the queue tab and click the start button to begin muxing which will join the video and audio in the resulting video format. This completes the basics of a simple video conversion without involving all the parameters possible. There are automation options available as well but they need to be preconfigured. meGUI works great on Windows 7. For more, also check out Multiconvert, Miro Video Converter, and Oxelon Media Converter.

Download meGUI

Editor’s Note: meGUI is a very old open source video converter and the most underrated. We would recommend giving it a shot before making conclusions and comparing it with other video converters out there.

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  • Joshua

    Looks good but i’ll stick with MediaCoder, most of the same features, also free, and it’s the first free encoder to incorporate Nvidia’s CUDA technology to encode H.264 video. Makes video conversion fast.

  • DarkCAMV

    I really like meGUI, I stared using it long ago, and I’m still using it… it’s really useful, because it does what it has to do, it’s a User Interface for almost all the most popular codecs…

    And in the avs you can add more filters, for a best video quality…

  • Gem Crystalis

    I tried it. Good features, but see no reason why to give up on another freeware, FormatFactory