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PowerPoint 2010: Set Up Default Presentation Theme

Whenever you create a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint, it opens the new presentation in the default theme. If you are not okay with the default theme and are bored of changing the theme every time you create a new presentation, then here is a small tip which will come in handy.

Launch the Microsoft PowerPoint and hit the Design tab and navigate to the Themes section.

PowerPoint Design

Now right-click a theme and choose the Set as Default Theme option.

Now whenever you will create a new presentation, PowerPoint will open it with your specified theme.


  1. This is a good tip, especially for those that use the new PowerPoint 2013 and want to use the default PowerPoint 2010 (non-widescreen template) for new presentations.

  2. Does anyone know how to work on power point without a friggin’ theme?  i can’t delete the text boxes and can’t find a tab to add drawing box, excel chart, etc.

    Please help.  If there is no answer, than power point has just become a miserably ineffective  uncreative program not worth having.

    • Realize you may have this answer by now. Answer is no. MS tends to want to
      “help” users with things that they don’t want help with. Themes are one of those frustrating “help” things. Almost everyone I know uses Microsoft Office. Nobody I know uses themes the way MS intended them to be used. While I have worked hard to train people on this task, nobody cares to mess around with the themes. They just get in the way. MS developers think they can force you to work in a way THEY think is smart. Their default settings (color palettes, auto-correct, select entire word, etc.) are terrible. MS needs to learn more about human nature.

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