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PowerSave Lite: Schedule Shutdown/ Reboot Sessions For PC & Programs

Power management options in new computer machines and operating systems, like Windows 7, are a great way for saving on hefty electricity bills. Most of the time, we leave our computers running 24/7. However, what if you want to schedule the computer to turn off at a particular time, for say when you’re at work or out with your friends? There are various software available that let you set a shutdown timer for your PC, along with restart or log off options, for instance, Chameleon Shutdown and TaskmgrPro Shutdown Scheduler. PowerSave Lite is another new and portable application, which offers more than simply restarting, shutting down or logging off your PC. Read on past the jump for details.

Right clicking the application’s notification icon brings the usual power management options, like Monitor off, Lock, Hibernate, Standby, Shutdown, Reboot and LogOff (in addition, you can simply Exit the application).

PowerSave Lite - Notification

Click Restore to open PowerSave Lites’ configuration console. Here, you are introduced to a number of different tabs, each containing its own set of options. For example, Schedule tab lets you schedule your computer to perform the desired shutdown actions at a particular time, like if you want it to reboot on on every Friday, you can set it to do so, along with multiple number of different sessions.

PowerSave Lite Schedule

You can also use the Timer tab to get the job done. Now, there are two ways to time the process. Either after a certain time limit by selecting Perform action in, and entering time in hours and minutes, or you can schedule a one time process using the Perform action at option.

PowerSave Lite - Timer

Apart from rebooting or powering off the computer, there is also an option to perform the desired action only to a particular application or process. This is quite a neat feature especially, as, suppose you want your torrents to stop at any particular time you may want. But, it would have been even nicer to have an option to turn off multiple applications.

PowerSave Lite Application

The Settings tab will let you tinker a few options like loading the app at system startup, forcefully closing an application, visual and audio warnings etc.

Overall, PowerSave Lite is a convincing application if you want to throw-in schedule shutdowns sessions to your computer or just a single application. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. The application testing was done on Windows 7.

Download PowerSave Lite

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