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Pretty Run: Find Files/Folders & Bookmarks And Launch Applications

When the default Windows Start Menu received a facelift in Windows Vista, a very useful search feature was also added. It comes in very handy for quickly searching your whole computer for any type of file or folder, including images, documents, folders, zip archives, executable files etc., without opening any window or search module. Pretty Run is an application that does more than what the native search function of Windows Vista and Windows 7 is capable of. It allows you to search not only the contents of Windows Explorer and your program files, but also search between other items, such as the bookmarks saved in different browsers, text saved in the Windows clipboard, between metadata information of mp3 files etc. Keep reading to learn more about Pretty Run.

Pretty run allows you to search Internet Explorer Favorites, Firefox and Chrome Bookmarks, Control Panel Items, Printers and many other locations for the required files and folders. The complete list of features of Pretty Run provided by the developer is as follows.

  • Search Internet Explorer favorites
  • Search Firefox bookmarks
  • Search Chrome bookmarks
  • Search printers and start printer properties
  • Search Control panel items
  • Setup internet search engines and you can search internet with selected engine
  • Remember last items copied to clipboard and bring them back in case you need them
  • Search mp3 files (not file names but tags)
  • Run a group of programs with one click
  • Setup your magic words and start favorite programs really quickly

After installation, the application runs in the system tray and can be accessed by double clicking its icon. A search bar is available, and as you type, the application searches for the files and folder matching the name in real-time. Files found on the desktop and option to search for the entered text on the internet is displayed in separate categories.

Program Manager_2012-01-25_16-50-14

Right-click the tool’s system tray icon and select Options to access the Pretty Run Options window. It has five tabs, which deal with settings related to Display, Search, Filter, Magic Words and Advanced properties. You can configure items, such as number of last used items to show, application hot key, language, searching categories, add, edit and delete search filters and add magic words.

Pretty Run Options

The Advanced tab allows you to prepare the application to run as portable version, alert for plugged in USB Flash drives when shutting down computer, alert of drives placed in CD-ROM, and stop the shutdown process if something is detected.

Pretty Run Options USB

Pretty Run works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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