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Prevent Eyes Strain With Periodic Reminders Using EyeDefender

While spending an awful amount of time online, most of us forget the importance of taking periodic breaks to rest our eyes. A good way of reminding ourselves to take a break from the computer screen can be to use reminder applications like FadeTop, which provides periodic alerts for resting the eyes. EyeDefender is another such application that provides reminders for resting your eyes. It is more feature-rich than FadeTop, and has been designed to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which is caused as a result of working on a computer for too long.

As explained by the developer, CVS symptoms include:

“eyestrain, blurred vision, delayed focusing, headaches, back/neck aches, dry and burning eyes, light sensitivity, distorted color vision, forehead heaviness, and sore eyes.”

After installation, you can configure EyeDefender settings from the system tray and select a time after which the reminder message is to be displayed, as well as the amount of time the reminder image stays on screen.

Eye Defender

Once the configured time frame is reached, a serene image of flowers is displayed on the screen with a bar at the bottom which displays the amount of time remaining for your break to end.

Screen Saver

You can customize reminder display option by going to Settings from the system tray menu. Here, you can display pictures from a  predefined folder (as a reminder), start visual training, set the default screen saver to be activated as a reminder, or opt for a balloon reminder from the system tray instead of a screen saver. You can also enable password protection and auto start EyeDefender at system start up.

EyeDefender Notification_2011-11-22_11-32-51

EyeDefender works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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