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Prevent Laptop Theft And Data Loss With LAlarm

LAlarm is a free software for laptops(running Windows) that prevents both data loss and theft. HDD(Hard Disk Drive) crash are common occurrences, it can crash either due to logical or physical disk problems. Most people are not aware of such problems until the hard disk crashes and the data become irrecoverable. LAlarm will alert you about both logical and physical error.

If you have locked your Windows by pressing Win + L and someone removes the power cord, the alarm will automatically set off. Thus, reducing the chance of laptop theft since the alarm will keep going on until you do not login again.

It will also sets off an alarm if the battery is low, thus alerting the user to save the work immediately before the laptop shuts down. This app has no interface or system tray icon and only works in the background. It is not a must-have app, but is still worthy of giving a try.

Note: Installation/Uninstallation can only be performed using the executable file and a system reboot is required.

Download LAlarm

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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