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Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) With Regular Breaks

For those users whose work routine involves a lot of typing and keyboard related tasks, RSI can be a huge problem. Not only your wrists will fail in longevity, it would also adversely affect efficiency. Sure, there are anti-RSI keyboards abundantly available, but the best measure to prevent the strain from happening is to be moderate in your usage. For this purpose, breaks and regular intervals can really do the magic.

Being absorbed in work, one may not remember when a break should be taken, or simple choose to skip it. Big Stretch RSI Reminder has been designed exactly for these kind of people. This low-memory utility sits in the system tray and reminds at preset intervals that a break should be taken, along with a custom message or random tip from within the program itself.

Big Stretch Reminder Program 2

The software is easily configurable. Right-click the tray icon to access the settings panel, where you can enable/disable the program, set alert frequency, reminder message type, and some other advanced settings like idle status and the program’s intrusiveness.

Big Stretch Reminder Program

Big Stretch RSI Reminder is a Windows platform software that runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The memory footprint is as low as a mere 450 KB.

Download Big Stretch RSI Reminder

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  • Mik_Youngen

    WorkRave simply does it better!
    Asside configurating intervals it splashs you with proposed relaxing/strecthing exercices!
    And also as a nice stats in so to see your more than half mile of mouse movement per day 😉
    Should check it

  • omg youre website is so coolies ; like seriously ! lols

  • Hollyw

    I also found that since I started working from home that multi screen support for my two computer screens works really well for me – as does taking regular breaks to move around and investing in a supportive chair. Great post!