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Prevent Skype Home Window From Opening With Kill Skype Home Window

A few weeks back we covered new features of Skype 5.5. While the new and improved Skype version provides many useful features such as Facebook integration, it also comes with an annoying Home window. Many Skype users find this new feature quite frustrating as it pops up automatically when Skype starts. Moreover, it eliminates the utility of the Skype Compact View since two separate windows do not allow reducing the desktop space Skype occupies. Recently, a developer named Andrew Worcester released a script to get rid of this common annoyance. Kill Skype Home does exactly what its name suggests i.e. it kills the Skype Home window when you switch to compact mode. It also includes additional features which can help you minimize Skype at startup and to run it in persistent mode.

Skype Home

Just launch kill Skype Home Window when Skype is launched and it will automatically remove the Skype Home Window when it tries to appear in the compact mode. This will allow you to keep a single window to avoid the unwanted Home Window from hijacking your desktop space.

Compact View

Kill Skype Home requires running from the system tray.  In case you would like to view the Home window for some reason, simply exit Kill Skype Home. You can also enable minimizing Skype at startup, run it in persistent mode and choose to start Kill Skype Home with Windows startup from the system tray menu.

System Tray

Note: Kill Skype Home works only with the Compact View. The Home window will not be removed in the Default view with this script.

Download Kill Skype Home

[via gHacks]

Post Update: Also check out SkypeSedator, which is a similar tool designed to closes the Skype Home Window.

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  • Gregur

    Only a moron would add that skype home popup window wihout also adding an option to disable said popup. Argh!

  • Emir

    its fing anoying.

  • Patrick

    Try blocking following domains by simply adding them to your host file like this: ad-emea.doubleclick.net apps.skype.com secure.skypeassets.com

  • Zwerko

    Patrick thats woket like a charm 🙂

  • Max

    The best and most elegant solution so far!

  • Polgari

    domains are blocked, Skype home window is still opening. 🙁