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Preview Images And Change EXIF Data With Photo Data Explorer

Ever since cameras went digital we’ve been freed from almost all limitations to how many pictures we can take. The restrictions that came with the camera reel and the cost of having it developed are all gone leaving us free to take amazing pictures or lots of bathroom selfies. One can capture a ton of pictures and save them in a tiny memory card or thumb drive that can easily slip into their pocket. But removing the cap on the number of pictures we can take wasn’t all that digital photography did; it gave users the ability to  embed different types of information into the images, such as the date and time when the photos were taken, GPS coordinates for Geo tagging, camera make and model info, shutter settings, exposure time and whatnot. This information is called EXIF data and can be viewed using various image viewers. Photo Data Explorer is one such Windows tool that lets you access the EXIF data stored inside of photos.

The application boasts a fairly decent interface. It allows you to open individual or multiple photos depending on your needs. The interface comprises of an image preview area, a thumbnail list view of images on the left, and the EXIF data properties in a panel on the right. You can click the ‘Open’ button on toolbar to select the image(s )you want to add and view data for. Alternatively, the ‘Folder’ button lets you add multiple items stored in one directory. And once added, simply highlight it from the left side to preview the image.

Photo Data Explorer

The toolbar at the top in Photo Data Explorer carries different navigation buttons including Save, First, Next, Previous, Last, Rotate (clockwise and anti-clockwise), Flip, Fit, Actual, Zoom In and Out, and Exit, each of which is pretty much self-explanatory. The application also supports keyboard shortcuts; F2 lets you open photo, F5 fits the photo to Window size, while + and – can be used to control zoom.

Editing EXIF Data

The EXIF data properties panel displays a ton of information about the image. Not only can you view but also edit this information should you need. To edit something, simply click the item name from the list and enter your desired information. For example, if you need to change ISOSpeed rating, simply click it from the list and enter your details. The properties pane lets you view EXIF, Maker data and Summary of the information separately, letting you navigate between them via tabs.

Photo Data Explorer_Edit

Photo Data Explorer is a portable application that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Photo Data Explorer

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