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Process Explorer – Alternative To Windows Task Manager And Resource Monitor

Windows Task Manager and Resource Monitor are the first things that come to a user’s mind when he/she is facing any problem with his/her system’s performance. If you are looking for some advanced tool in this regards then you should give Process Explorer a try. Task Manager does not give you much details about the processes, but Process Explorer displays running processes in such a format that it not only shows process names, but also displays program icons and other data, such as description, image, and processor time.

It is very light-weight tool and when launched, it displays two windows, the top window shows the list of processes and the bottom window displays more detailed information about the processes. To get full information regarding any particular process,  zoom in on that particular process and  you will be able to see the full details.


Since it also provides feature to list or search for named resources that are held by a process or all processes so it can be used to track down what is holding a file open and preventing its use by another program. You can easily perform various operations regarding processes like suspending, killing, restarting and many other options from Process Tab.


System Information option lets you view useful information regarding CPU, I/O and and physical memory.


It provides you a full insight into your system performance and in case of any problem you can easily identify the culprit processes.

Download Process Explorer

It is a tool from Microsoft itself and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Since it has not been officially tested on Windows 7, we gave it a try and it worked great. Enjoy!

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