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Process Hacker [AddictiveTips Recommends]

At AddictiveTips we do out best to present all software to the readers so that they can make the final judgment. There is no magic software, there are some that people love while others hate and vice versa.

When it comes to Task Manager, people disagree that it needs a replacement but for most advanced users the default Task Manager is simply not enough. The most popular 3rd party Task Manager replacement today is Microsoft Sysinternal’s Process Explorer.

Recently we discovered tens of new half-baked software from various developers that claim to be the complete replacement for Windows Task Manager. After being fed up, we began a detailed investigation(or should we say, testing).

After short listing four Task Managers(that are free), we compared their performance, functionality, and ease-of-use. They are Process Explorer, Process Hacker, System Explorer, and Resource Monitor.

After rigorous testing, we choose Process Hacker to be the perfect task manager replacement(read the review here). And surprisingly it is the only opensource advanced task manager available today.

ProcessHacker winner

You might disagree and we understand. We have started using it ourselves and are recommending it to our readers as well. Unless another tough contender comes across, this is going to be our preferred task manager replacement of choice.

You can read our review to find out more about Process Hacker. And if you think we made the wrong decision, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Disclosure: We did not receive any form of compensation for using Process Hacker, recommending it, or simply explaining our logical thoughts. In fact, our Privacy Policy already states that.


  1. I like Process Hacker but I don’t see me using it. It takes a while to load and uses a lot of memory. Sysinternals’ Process Explorer needs only half the memory (around 20 MB) and starts faster too. I would use YAPM (Yet Another (remote) Process Manager) but it too suffers from a slow start and uses up quite a big chunk of memory. Could be this is due to the use of the .NET Framework, who knows? I for one want my applications to be snappy. 🙂

    Another way of improving your task manage would be to pimp the good old one that comes with windows. There are a few plug-ins like Prio, Extended Task Manager or ProcessQuickLink.

    Some people just want their system to be more responsive and they use a task manager exclusively to terminate processes, especially before playing games. These people should take a long look at Process Lasso.

  2. System Requirements

    * .NET Framework 2.0

    this is a deal-breaker for me 🙁

    I don’t like having to install additional software to run my software.

    • Which Windows are you using? .NET Framework is needed to run most Windows applications. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, then you don’t need to worry about installing it since it is pre-installed.

      If you are using Windows XP, then I would recommend installing .NET Framework 3.0 SP1. It is not a software, it is actually a framework.

  3. “And surprisingly it is the only opensource advanced task manager available today.”

    That is not true.

    Even when Process Hacker is a good task manager with a lot of features.

  4. One thing I can’t get Process Hacker to do is identify which screen is linked to which process.

    In Process Explorer, there is a small bullseye, you click it, keep holding the mouse, hover it over a screen and release. Process Explorer will then show you which process it is so you can kill the right one.

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