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ProcessAlive Automatically Restarts User-Defined Programs When They Crash

Applications like parental control programs, P2P clients, antivirus software and scheduled backup tools, all require to be continuously running in order to work properly. However, with hundreds of things that can go wrong within an operating system, some of these tools can also act abnormally and can easily crash. And the result is an important application crashing or going into Not Responding status, has caused some serious problem and even system hang. We have covered some very useful applications that enable you to choose particular processes for automatic restart upon a crash. These include Restarter, a portable application for Windows that sits quietly in the system tray and lets you easily restart explorer.exe, aero services and kill non-responding tasks whenever required.  We also reviewed Application Monitor, another free tool that monitors specified applications and restarts them, should they crash. If you didn’t find these tools of any use or were looking for an alternative solution, then you give ProcessAlive a shot. What it does is, it automatically re-launches crashed programs and is particularly useful for processes that need to constantly run in the background. More details about ProcessAlive past the break.

ProcessAlive itself has a very minimalistic design with no complicated buttons and settings to tinker around and using it is very easy. To get started, just select the programs that you need to keep alive and start ProcessAlive. The main interface is simple with just three buttons, Keep these Programs Alive, Add Application and Remove Application. Click Add Application and browse to the executable file of the required program. It should be noted that you can add multiple programs in the same way. When all required programs are added, click Keep These Programs Alive. Now, whenever a monitored application crashes or even if it is manually closed, ProcessAlive will automatically trigger a relaunch.

ProcessAlive 0.5

When minimized, ProcessAlive runs in the system tray. From its right click context menu, it allows you to Start/ Stop monitoring programs, or show the main interface.


ProcessAlive is an excellent solution to keep annoying and buggy programs steadily work. The application supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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