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ProcOff Triggers PC Shutdown On Inactivity Of Specific Processes

ProcOff is a process monitoring application for Windows that lets you automatically power off your computer when there is no activity in the specified processes. The tool is developed by JSutils – the makers of other similar tools that we have covered in the past, including AllOff and DownOff. ProcOff can monitor up to three processes at the same time, and auto initiates PC shutdown, restart, log off or hibernate process when there is no activity by the processes in a given amount of time. Although it’s very lightweight and comprises of a simple interface, there are wide array of configuration options that you can set according to your preferences, including delay time for auto-activation of monitoring, delay interval between idle activity of processes and the power off process, and an option to cancel shutdown activation manually.

Even though the program is available for free for personal use, you will require a registration code to use it. You can register for free by entering your username, password and email address at the developer’s page. Once received, input the user name and registration code into the application, and click Register to get to the main interface.


Speaking of the interface, it looks pretty barebones and simple on the surface. The miniscule window houses six navigation buttons: Text, Configure, Update, Reset, About and Exit. The Test button helps you test drive the applied settings, so you don’t have to actually restart or shutdown your PC every time you want to set up new applications to monitor and want to make sure every thing is exactly how it should be. Though before you get to all that, click the Configure button to launch the settings console.


The Configuration console contains a wide array of options. You can set various parameters related to the Activation, Control, Shutdown, and Slave Communications settings. Under Activation, you can input ‘Activate After’ time to specify the delay time in seconds before initiating the monitoring operation, and/or specify an ‘Activate on’ process that should activate monitoring. In addition, you can change Log level (normal, full, none), and enter custom log file name & path.

As mentioned earlier, ProcOff allows to monitor up to three process. All you have to do is input the processes’ name(s) under Control. If you face any nuisance in identifying a process, open Windows Task Manager to see the exact process that you want to monitor. The application also lets you specify the idle time of the process before initiating power off. You can also specify a fixed delay for the purpose. If you want to delay the shutdown operation further, just use the Shutdown Time parameter. The log file for all previous shutdown operations can be accessed by clicking the View Log button. Lastly, to revert every setting to factory default, you have the Restore button. Clicking Save allows to apply the current changes. The program can also be used on a remote computer by installing it as slave program. All the slave-related settings can be configured under Slave Communications.


ProcOff works on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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