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Professional Color Picker Tool (Select From 16 Million Colors) For Free

When it comes to picking a color, a tough choice has to be made. Every color gives a person different impression, to select the finest color is still a difficult task for many designers, artist, and, photographers. Whether you are looking forward to make a logo, a design for your client, or simply a graphic drawing, selecting the right color will definitely help.

Peacock Color Picker is a free professional color picking tool for Windows that unlike other color pickers, give you more choice and openness. If you like a color and would like to see it’s color code. Click ‘Choose from Screen’ option and drag the cursor towards the color you like and leave the mouse button immediately. It will load that portion of that screen inside the tool where you can select the exact color you were looking for. The zoom feature helps too if the color you want is deep inside some windows icon or if you want the exact precision.

Peacock Color Picker screenshot

You can also load an external image that is either in BMP, JPG, or GIF format. Once you select the color from the preview screen, you will be shown the Gradient Variation and the Final Color. The Color Values can also be adjusted manually, each and every value can be changed.

It supports the following color code values:

  • HTML Format Color Values (#0D8DEA)
  • Borland Delphi Color Values ($00EA8D0D)
  • Java Color Values (0xD0D8AE)
  • Microsoft C++ Color Values (0x00EA8D0D)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic Color Values (&HEA8D0D&)
  • Microsoft Expression Web Color Values (Hex={D,8D,EA})
  • Long Format Color Values (15371533)
  • HSL Format Color Values (136-214-116)
  • CMYK Format Color Value (221-93-0-21)
  • RGB Format Color Values (13-141-234)
  • HEX Format Color Values (D,8D,EA)
  • Adobe Photoshop Color Values (D0D8AE)
  • Adobe Fireworks Color Values (#0D8DEA)

You can also export the color to jpg image format, so that it can be used with other color pickers too. It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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