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Profile Based File Backup Software Create Synchronicity

Create Synchronicity is an opensource backup tool that uses Profiles for specific synchronization. Each profile contains a certain backup setting and can be loaded from the main interface for quick synchronization. The main strength of this software lies in simplicity and speed, along with portability and small size(only 104kb).

From the main interface, click New Profile and an empty profile setting dialog window will appear. Enter the folders and choose the sub-directories for synchronization. The folder selection feature is beautifully designed and allows users to easily sync one sub-folder with another.

There are three synchronization method; Left to Right (Mirror), Left to Right (Incremental), and Two-ways incremental. Users can choose to copy all files or only selected files (by including and excluding certain files).

When done, hit Save and you will return back to the main interface. Click a profile to bring up the context menu. Hit Synchronize to begin backup, users can also preview the progress by clicking the respective button in the context menu.

Apart from the above mentioned options, users can delete the profile, view log, clear log, and schedule the backup, all from a simple context menu.



Overall we like the concept of profile based backup software. Users who want to backup to external drive can create profiles, such as, Backup Documents and Backup Photos, and run it quickly without any complications.

It is a portable tool that works on all versions of Windows, we tested it successfully on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Create Synchronicity

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