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Promptu – Powerful GTD (Get Things Done) Windows Functions Launcher

We have covered a list of application launchers, some of which include, Executor, Blaze, Zum, and Launchy. Even though Windows 7 taskbar is revamped and eliminates the need of having a third-party application launcher, there are situations when you need to start web search or run some Windows functions regardless of where you’re in any application/folder, you can consider giving Promptu a try. It is more than just an application launcher which aims to enhance user productivity by offering full control over the system. It is built on GTD (Getting Things Done) principle, so it encourages user to focus on task which is to be performed.

Being an average-skilled user oriented application, it is quite simple to use. For the first time usage it prompts you to create a profile, what is important here is to register hotkey to launch the application quickly. Once you’ve created the profile, it will sit in system tray, letting you access its settings and features.

new profile1

Use the specified hotkey combination to input search keywords. Be it application name, file name, web search keyword, Windows functions, it can search almost everything in real time.

. new

It also offers note taking application which you can use in similar fashion. The hotkey Win + J is pre-registered for bringing up note editor and to close it again. Furthermore, you don’t need to manually save the changes made to note, it will do it for you automatically.


The application launcher and note editor are highly customizable, from Setup, you can change the font size, color and application interface.


Under Options tab, you can change the hotkeys combination, create a new profile from scratch and edit the existing one.


All the profile-related settings can be configured from Profile tab, you can also change, add and delete the default search list which includes Windows functions, shortcuts, search preferences, and functions.


Unlike aforementioned applications, with Promptu, users can gain more control over their system while customize their favorite search list as per requirements. It was tested on Windows 7 x86 system without showing any noticeable problems. It works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Download Promptu


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