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Prot-On: Securely Share Files & Track Their Usage By Recipients

Using file sharing websites and programs is an awesome way to send someone any item, including documents, images, audio and video. Websites such as Imgur and ImageShack let you share images, while YouTube and Vimeo allow you to upload videos for free, which can be seen by anyone. Even though it is the easiest and quickest way to share a single file with multiple people, it comes at the price of (generally) being very insecure. When you upload a file, image, or video to a public file sharing service, usually you do not have options for setting permissions regarding who can and cannot see the file in question. It can be countered by sharing the content only with the required recipients without making it public, but you still cannot control the amount of access a person has over it. For instance, if you want to share a picture and allow people to view it, but disallow downloading, you cannot do that. Today, we have an application for you called Prot-On that enables you to protect shared files, as well as manage and track their usage by the recipients. You can set user-specific restrictions for images, MS Office files, PDF documents and a lot of other possibilities. First, you will have t register an account with the service in order to be able to use it. Choose the new account options and enter the required details including First and Last Name, Email, Username and Password to create the account. After the confirmation email is received and your account is verified, you can use the Username and password to login. Prot-On Configuration 2 In the start, you are asked to associate extensions with the application and make it the default program for opening different file formats, such as PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF etc. Associate Extensions Once done, you will be taken to the main interface of Prot-On. It is divided into two panes with the left pane featuring a folder tree for navigating to the required files, while the right pane displays the content of each selected folder. Prot-On - DHDHD Double click a file to open it inside the built-in image editor. The options panel at the top allows you to zoom in, zoom out, show original size, rotate the image clockwise and anticlockwise, save as, print the image or share it with other people. In order to share, you will have to connect your Prot-On account to your Dropbox account. Prot-On - DHDHDcheshire_by_kikariz-d33r47r Once protected, the protected version of the file will open providing you with more settings for the image, including Manage permissions of this protection, and Show activity of this protection. It can be done through the browser-based Permission Manager of Prot-On. You can decide the permission type to give to each recipient, add watermarks to images etc. Protect what you share - Mozilla Firefox_2012-09-05_13-35-02 The browser console of Prot-On might be in a foreign language when you login to it using the desktop app. Select Edit Profile from top right to change and reset the default language to English. Prot-On works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Download Prot-On

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