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Protect And Restore Your PC By Undoing All Changes

As a software reviewer and technology enthusiast, I have to install a lot of different programs on my machine, and I mean a lot. So much so that I have to then spend a good amount of time cleaning up the junk off my hard drive. It becomes really irritating, and I desire a solution that would automatically eliminate all the software that I do not need.

Wondershare Time Freeze is an application that can actually undo any changes made to your system after entering into a particular state. The program allows your computer to go into a ‘freeze’ state after which you can install any program, browse the internet, use it in any way you want, but the next time you restart the system, it will return back to the state in which it was frozen. This means that not only all programs would be uninstalled, but also any changes made to the system at all, would be reversed.


The application was originally developed as a tool to keep a computer safe from spyware, viruses, trojans and other malware, as well as allowing a user to browse the internet safely. Every change will be removed upon next reboot. The software not only provides protection in this way, but also enhances user privacy.

The software offers system protection, folder protection and access protection, letting you prevent changes to Time Freeze’s own settings once you’ve applied protections.

Folder protection

Finally,the settings menu allows tweaking the program itself.

TimeFreeze Settings

The software supports 32-bit OS only, and works on all versions of Windows, from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Download Wondershare Time Freeze


  1. eli is right. The application is like deep freeze or returnil free version. After you launch system protection, it locks the system partition, and everything you added to the system(newly installed programs, windows temp history, etc.) would be lost after computer reboot.
    As to comodo time machine, it’s a great software and it’s free. Time shuttle from the developer of time freeze can do the same things as it and do them better. I saw it on time freeze product page.

  2. I used a similar application called Comodo Time Machine. It had a very negative impact on my machine’s boot time. Overall snappiness of the machine suffered only a tiny bit though.
    Thoughts Aatif?

  3. This application is awesome at all! It is really useful. I reccomend it. I’m also thankful to the developers because now I’m not afraid of installing unknown programs. To me, this is the program of the year.

    • no it’s not
      it’s like deep freeze and returnil and microsoft shared toolkit and other like this software

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