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Publish Blog Post Using Word 2010

We have covered some of the prominent features of Word 2010 in our previous posts, you may read the summarized post here. Today we will discuss how you can set up Word 2010 as your blogging software.

First of all click the Office button, choose the New option in the left side menu, then locate and click the New Blog Post option in the right side main window.

Blogging in Word2010

Here, you will be prompted to register your blog account, click on the Register Now button.

Register Account

Now choose your blogging provider, if your provider is not available in the list then choose the Other option.

Register AccountThen enter the login information for your blog, including the URL, username, and password.

Blogg DetailsIt will take some time to validate your blog, then you will be ready to use Microsoft Word 2010 as a blogging tool. To publish the post hit he Publish button.

Blogging Word 2010Enjoy!


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