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pulpTunes Converts Your Computer Into A Music Media Web Server for iTunes

After releasing beta and the release candidate, the final version of pulpTunes is out. It is a free cross-platform tool that is basically a web server for your iTunes desktop application. It allows you to access all your iTunes music collection from any web browser.

All you have to do is to load this tool and it will run silently in the system tray without disturbing any of your other work. It doesn’t require you to run iTunes, the app itself will load the iTunes XML library. If you are using a router, you will be shown a message similar to the screenshot below.

open and forward port pupltunes

Once loaded, you can test if it’s working correctly by right-clicking the app’s system tray icon and selecting Test Locally.

test pulptunes web music media server

Below is the glimpse of how the web interface looks like. Notice the music player on top, followed by useful options such as Select Genre and Pages.

pulptunes web interface

Anybody can download the music from the playlist by simply right-clicking the song and selecting Download.

download music pulptunes

Note that once pulpTunes is running, your playlist becomes public and anybody can access it if they know the address. To restrict the access, you can add a username and password by going to User Management pane. Once User Management is enabled, the login window will replace the default interface.

user management pulptunes

You can change some advanced settings too, such as, Automatic Playing, Server Port, iTunes library location, and Logging.

pulptunes advanced settings

Overall it is an excellent tool for streaming music over the web. You can use it to either listen music on the go or for simply sharing the music collection with family and friends. For more, check out BroadCam, a tool that converts your computer into a live video streaming server. Enjoy!


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