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PUMP – Media Organizer And Converter That Can Sync With Any Device

PUMP is an all-in-one video manager which comes with many lofty boxed-up features to organize all the videos on your hard drive. Aside from merely being a video manager, it offers a list of services, video-sharing websites and BitTorrent search engines, such as, Dailymotion, Youtube, Mininova, LegalTorrents and Google Torrent, to fetch information on latest videos updates, stream videos, and download them. If you’re an avid movies fan having a huge collection of movies, music videos, and TV shows, it can help you in bookmarking most precious videos, so you can watch them anytime you want without having to search through your collection. The application comes with a list of some pre-mounted video feeds, which you can be customized. Furthermore, it is also capable of syncing your collection with iPod, iPhone, and other portable media players.

The main interface is laid wide across the screen to give users best video managing experience. The main navigation at left flank holds all the features, playlists, services and feeds. Apart from this, if you want to manage your audio collection, it lets you do it smartly by providing an audio playlist manager which emulates iTunes interface design.  As far as the videos are concerned, you can add the media from iTunes library and select multiple folders to populate the list. For the first time usage, it asks you to specify folder locations and iTunes library path, to make sure that nothing will be missed in playlist manager.

PUMP main

You also get countless options for manipulating the videos and playlists. As said beforehand, video bookmarking is one handy option, you can filter out videos by name/extension, rate them, and most importantly convert them into Divx (AVI), WMV, iPhone/iPad,PSP (MP4), and into audio format (MP3). Moreover, options to set screen size of converted video are also available.


All the audio files which were imported at the startup can be seen and managed from Audio tracks window. It comes with a build-in player, allowing you to manage your collection while listening to your favorite tracks.


To add video feeds, click cross-imaged button next to Feeds and specify the path. By default, it comes with Rocket Boom and mariposalHD feeds, however you can remove them from the list and create your own list. It also supports video streaming, provided you have all the Flash and Shockwave video codecs installed on your system.


Finally, from Tasks window, you can manage audio & video and torrents downloads. Apart from some tiny functional and interface-specific bugs & glitches, the application works fine and will wholly satisfy the needs of one hard-core music and movies enthusiast. It works on Windows XP/Vista/7 while testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download PUMP


  1. Yes, that seems to be the case. I tried looking up a mirror download for you but couldn’t – all references were linking to the site itself. Can’t find it on download.com either.

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