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PureText Converts Rich Text In Clipboard To Plain Text

There are instances when you have to copy rich-text from one source and paste it as simple text in another source. For instance, you could be looking to archive an interesting story covered by a popular online magazine by copy/pasting it as simple text in MS Word. In such cases, it can be difficult to manually remove rich-text from the content, especially if it’s heavily formatted. A better solution is to use PureText, a portable application that lets users paste any text copied to the clipboard as simple, plain text.

The application sits on the system tray. Copy any rich text that you want to paste as simple text. Then click on the application icon to convert the selected text into plain text. Having performed this action, paste the text in any text editor. The selected text will automatically remove rich-text formatting. From the system tray, launch the application’s Options. Here, you can assign any hotkey for converting the content in your clipboard to pure text.


It supports Windows 7 OS; testing was carried out on Windows 7, x86 system

Download PureText


  1. As a reminder : ctrl+shif+v does the same thing in the following applications :
    * Google Chrome (very useful in gmail for example)
    * Thunderbird
    * Dreamweaver
    * …

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