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PZenDump: Create Memory Dumps For Multiple Processes In Batch

Whichever application you execute on your PC, Windows treats each as a separate process. Among various advantages that such scheme of running applications holds, process debugging is one of them, and comes useful in varying situations. For instance, abnormal crashes of a particular application are identified through debugging the process. For this, a process must first go through a memory dump – more like a snapshot of the process from memory to your local drive. Programmers or system analysts also use the dumped file to sort out various issues in the problem at hand. Dumped processes are saved with a .dmp extension. Windows Task Manager easily lets you dump any selected process, but not as efficiently, and more importantly, not in batch. Moreover, it’s also quite difficult to identify the exact process you’re looking for – especially for casual users. If you have had a problem creating a memory dump of the target process, then PZenDump is probably what you need. It’s a very lightweight application that lets you dump multiple processes in one go. In addition, it also shows the application icon next to its process, something which the Task Manager doesn’t come bundled with, and which can be a huge help.

The application is presented in a very simple interface. Upon launch, it instantly scans and displays the list of processes currently running in the background. You can see the process’ Name, PID, Size (memory footprint) and Domain. It also displays the total number of processes at the bottom left corner of the window. The procedure to dump a process is quite straightforward. You just need to mark the process(es) and then click Dump button at the bottom right. The application doesn’t monitor the running instances in real-time, which leaves you to having to Refresh  the list manually. This is quite handy, actually, as it retains a process in the list even when it’s terminated.


A separate window pops up after executing the dumping process via the Dump button, containing the list of processes that are currently queued up. You can also click the miniscule close or Abort buttons to either stop the existing or all the listed processes currently awaiting the dumping operation, respectively.

Dump Process Window

Overall, PZenDump is a very useful application that mainly aims to dump multiple processes in a single operation. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit edition.

Download PZenDump

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