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QQLabeler – Create Professional Optical Disk Labels

QQlabeler is a free graphic tool to design and print optical disk labels. You can add objects and custom background to create a unique label. There are various design tools available, such as, Barcode, Line Tool, Background, Image Frame, and many others. These design tools can be accessed easily from the left sidebar. You can also set the Guideline/Grid easily and choose various unique colors for your fonts.

qqlabeler main screenshot - disk label creator

It is a powerful tool that will appeal to both graphic designers and amateurs alike. If you want to record and sell your own disks, you can add custom barcodes too(see screenshot above). Apart from it’s basic functions, you can also:

  • Add background, text, images, line art and geometry objects to your optical disc labels.
  • Arrange object layers in front of or behind each other.
  • Make barcode, date and serial number fields.
  • Create database linked fields for automatic text and graphic insertion for individual customized disc labels.

Once you have created the disk label, you can Preview it by going to File > Print Preview. You can also save the disk label as either Bmp or Jpeg image format. The only downside is that it takes quite a lot of system memory(75Mb in my case), depending on the amount of work done on the disk label. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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