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QuestTracker Is World Of Warcraft Replica For Daily Life Quests

This tool would certainly appeal the most to all World of Warcraft fans. You remember the WoW quest tracker? Apply the same concept to real-life with QuestTracker, where you can manage your tasks (aka quests) through this application while being reminiscent of your online WoW life.


QuestTracker is primarily a to-do list & task manager. The tasks, or quests can be grouped or unspecified. You simply click the Add Quest button to add a task, with its description in the right-hand pane. To add a task group, click the Add Group button. Tasks may also be specified as recurring, which you can do by right-clicking any task.

QuestTracker 2

Though there is nothing flashy about this tool, nor is it as pretty as the WoW offering, it is a simple task manager that is strongly reminiscent of how you manage tasks in the game. There are no notifications or anything else of the like, I just find this tool worth a tribute to the diehard WoW fans like myself. We tested it on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download QuestTracker

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