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Quick Burn Video Files To Playable DVD

DVD Flick is a free tool for Windows that can quickly burn videos of any format to a DVD with a few simple clicks. The DVD created can then be played on any DVD Player and Home Cinema Set.

Note: DVD Flick is not a new tool, the first version was launched back in early 2007. It is an opensource tool and the developers routinely make changes and fix bugs. I am reviewing this tool here for those AddictiveTips readers who have not heard about it yet. Personally, it is my default tool for burning Videos to DVDs.

To begin, first add videos by clicking Add Title. Every DVD can burn 4.3GB of videos, when adding video titles you will see the yellow percentage bar rising on the left side.

Add DVD video title

Below is the screenshot of video titles and the percentage bar on the left side.

DVD Flick main

Now to change the menu theme and other settings click Menu Settings otherwise go to Project Settings to change Project name and other general options.

dvd video project settings

Now select Burning tab from the left sidebar and check Burn Project to Disk checkbox. Give the disk a label, select the DVD-R/RW drive, burning speed, and other options and click Accept.

dvd flick burning options

To change/add the name, target aspect ratio, thumbnail time index, audio and subtitles sources, and create chapters of any video title, click Edit Title.

Creating DVD Video Title Chapters

When all video titles are ready, click Create DVD to start burning the videos to playable DVD Disk. Enjoy!

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