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Quick Easy Way To Scan A Document To PDF File Format [Trick]

iCopy is a great opensource tool that we reviewed back in 2008. It converts your scanner and printer into a photocopier machine, but what if we could scan a document and save it in PDF format? This though haunted me while I recently came across this awesome utility once again.

Ofcourse we have reviewed Scan To PDF(STP), a free tool that scans multiple pages of documents and saves them to PDF format but it is more convenient to install minimal number of software in your system.

Here is the trick, grab Bullzip PDF Printer, run iCopy, go to Printer options and choose Bullzip PDF Printer.

iCopy PDF

Hit the Scan button(blue icon) and once the document is done scanning you will see Bullzip PDF options. Choose the output destination, give the file a name and hit Save. You are done.

Bullzip PDF Printer

You can also choose to scan multiple pages and save them to PDF document. In iCopy, choose Other Scan Modes and select Scan Multiple Pages option(or hit the Ctrl+M hotkey).

scan multiple=

We used Bullzip PDF Printer in another method but it was more complicated and lengthy. Read the original review of iCopy here. Enjoy!


    • I would like to know which one was the printer that you have been using. you can reply as soon as possible because I need one pdf printer urgently. thank you.

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