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Quick Launch A Link, File, Or Program With DeskBug

There are lots of application launchers out there and we have covered some here, here, and here. Did you ever notice that every one of them calm to be the fastest in launching programs? Ofcourse there are various methods, my personal favorite is to use Run hotkey + AddToRun. But what if you hate hotkeys and want a quick way to launch a program using a mouse?

Deskbug aims to solve this problem. It is a small launcher utility(a bug) that always resides on the foreground. You can drag it around the screen and position it where you feel comfortable. Now double-click this small bug icon, in the main window add any file, program, or website link, and click Save.

deskbug screenshot

Note that this utility is quite customizable, you can change the icon(if you don’t like the bug icon). If you want to test an a file, program, or link before saving it, click Test. Once all is done, right-click the Deskbug icon and you will find all items in a simple list.

Note: To add a website, just type the address under File name. The link will open in your Windows default browser.

Deskbug icon desktop context menu

It is great for those items that you use frequently. Whether it is your favorite file, program, or a website, now it is only a click away.

Download Deskbug

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!


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