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Quick Launch Installed Programs Using Hotkeys [Windows]

One of the best ways to increase your efficiency is to minimize the time consumed between switching programs. This can also hold true when you have to locate a file buried deep down somewhere in your file structure. Not only these steps can slow you down, they may also cause frustration where you have to remember everything manually.

We had reviewed two excellent utilities, Launchy and ControlPad, that bring ease to program execution management. Joining the bandwagon is TaTuich, an open-source, free program that allows you to program hotkeys against any application, and basically any .lnk extensions.


The program consists of four tabs, two of which are basically of use to the end-user. Usage is simple, you click Open to select the shortcut that you want to program, choose the hotkeys in the next box and click Add. Change would modify existing entries, while Clear and Delete buttons are self explanatory. The program itself runs in the system tray so that all hotkeys remain functional at any point.

You may configure the program in Options tab, and choose to add it’s shortcuts to Desktop, Start Menu, Startup, etc. However, TaTuich is portable and can work without any installation.

Tatuich Options

The software works with only 32-bit version of Windows OS, and works on all versions of Windows from 2000 through Windows 7.

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