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Quick Launch Programs In Windows Using SliderDock

Want to launch an application quickly without having to find the right icon for the right program in a heavily cluttered desktop? Enter SliderDock. It is a free tool for Windows that lets you launch any programs quickly by rotating between them.

Just run the tool and you will see a blue orb button on your desktop. Drag all program shortcuts to this Blue Orb and they will be added instantly. Now move your mouse pointer over to the Blue Orb and drag the mouse wheel up/down to rotate between these program shortcut icons. To open any program, simply double-click it’s icon. That’s it.

sliderdock rotating programs

To remove any program icon, first rotate and bring the icon to the Blue Orb, then right-click it and select Remove:[Program name] from the context menu as shown in the screenshot below.

removing program icon from sliderdock

These icons do not remain on the desktop forever, to Show/Hide SliderDock press a simple hotkey(Ctrl + Spacebar). When hidden, SliderDock sits silently in the system tray. This hotkey can obviously be changed by going to preferences. You can also select to start SlideDock during Windows startup.

To go to preferences, right-click the Blue Orb and select Dock Settings. You can also set hotkeys for launching SliderDock and rotating the icons with keyboard by going to ShotcutKeys tab in Preferences.

sliderdock settings


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