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Quick Launch The Application With Shortcut Keys In Windows

There is a build-in feature to quick launch any application using a shortcut key. This feature can be easily accessible and has long been a part of Windows, very few people know about this handy little feature that can increase their daily productivity.

Setting up a keyboard shortcut to quick launch any application is quite easy, all you have to do it to right-click the program which you want to open using the shortcut key and go to Properties. As an example I will create a shortcut for Firefox browser.

firefox right-click properties

Once you are inside Properties, next to Shortcut Key enter the value F and click OK.

shortcut properties

As you can see from the screenshot above, the value has automatically been set to Ctrl + Alt + F. Now whenever you need to open this application just hit Ctrl + Alt + F and Firefox will open instantly. Since I am a computer workaholic I use a lot of shortcut keys to quickly open different applications, it can save a lot of time. So instead of navigating all the way to Start Menu or Windows Explorer to find an application, you can now enter the shortcut key to save both time and headache. Enjoy!

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  1. One omission from this tip is that Ctl+Alt+ hotkeys can be set *only* through the Windows 7 Startup Menu (the menu that launches when you press the Win key).  Ctl+Alt+ hotkeys defined for shortcuts anywhere else in Windows 7 will be ignored by the Operating System.

    That said, I have a question about the Startup menu shown in this posting.  I see the section names of Programs and Files, and the Search entries of Search Everywhere and Search the Internet.  I don’t have these on my Windows 7 Home Premium x64 system.  Am I seeing an available “skin” for Windows 7?  In short, how can I make my Start menu like the one displayed?

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