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Quick Review: bDule Is An Awesome Twitter Desktop Client

If you are on Twitter, you must have given various twitter desktop clients a try. bDule is a new player in this field, but takes a very different and fresh approach. It has a clean user-friendly interface and lets you choose the template. Unlike other clients, Twitter Search is build right inside this app and works quite fast.

After you have installed this app, select any one template out of 16 shown.

bDule main choose template screenshot - twitter desktop client

I prefer using 3 horizontal windows and 3 vertical windows template, but in this post, I will review only 2 horizontal windows and 2 vertical windows templates. After you have chosen a template, select the Window where you would like to use Twitter, Twitter Search, and Facebook.

bdule choosing a service - twitter and facebook

Once you are logged in to Twitter, the default view will show your friend’s tweets. You can see the Replies, Direct Messages, and your own messages by clicking their respective tabs. If you prefer viewing it the TweetDeck way, then you can change the view by clicking the Change View button on top.

changing view in bDule

Posting a tweet is a piece-of-cake, it will automatically convert any URL into TinyURL. The only downside is that it does not let you choose the default URL shorter. Below is the screenshot of Twitter and Facebook running on two horizontal window template.

bdule main window

Unlike TweetDeck, this app lets you view Facebook Albums, Links, Status Messages, ad Comments. You can filter them out too, which makes it more fun to use. You can also post a Status Message on Facebook. Below is the screenshot of 2 vertical window template.

bdule main template

It is a .NET application and requires the latest version to run(version 3.0). It works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Update: It takes quite a lot of system memory, somewhere near 105Mb. If you have tons of Ram, then it’s not a big deal.


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