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Quick Search Instantly Finds The Files You Are Looking For In Windows

Quick Search is a fast alternative to Windows Search for quickly locating files and folders by entering a complete or partial name of the required content. It creates an index in the corresponding folders using relative paths, making data search more efficient. Unlike Windows Search, it offers a filter to restrict the searched items for better efficiency. It provides easy sorting options for viewing files in the search result by path, size and modification date. You can either view the searched items in a minimalist size or in the full mode which displays a complete window containing the searched files and folders. Quick Search can be used to search music, photos, web pages, generic files, folders, application setups or shortcuts and much more. Another good feature is that it supports file indexing of portable devices like USB drives and external disks, which makes it quicker to locate data on such storage devices.

This intuitive tool has been developed by Glarysoft, which is famous for some of its efficient applications such as Glary Utilities and Disk Speedup.

Launch Quick Search and type a complete or partial file or folder name. It will quickly display related results. You can open an appropriate file or folder by double clicking on its name.

Quick Search

To enhance the size of Quick Search, click on the arrow icon next to the hour glass and select Full Mode. To start Quick Search at system startup or to add filters to the search result head over to Options.

Full Mode

The Full Mode displays a resizable window with the respective search result. You can sort files by name, path, size, modification date and increase/decrease text size from the View menu.

Full View

You can add or remove extensions to filter searched content from the Category tab in Options. This can be quite useful to remove unwanted extensions like .dll files from the searched data to further speed up the search.


Quick Search is a fast and efficient way of quickly locating your files on local and external drives. Want a similar tool for Ubuntu Linux? Check out Kupfer.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Quick Search

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