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Quickly Access Your Media Files With VLC Player Using Windows 8 & 7 Jumplist

If you are planning to use VLC Player as your default media player in Windows 7 / Windows 8, then you have a fair advantage over other media players. Apart from a huge array of video and audio formats, VLC also supports Windows 7 /Windows 8 superbar’s Jumplist. Using this feature, you can pin your favorite media files in Jumplist, so that you can quickly open them in VLC.  In this post, we will take a look at how to access media files and Pin them to VLC Jumplist in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

When you open a media file it is saved in the VLC Taskbar Jumplist as Recent. You can easily access the recently played media files by right-clicking the VLC taskbar icon. For faster access, pin the VLC Player to taskbar.

This post has been updated to explain how to quickly access media files with VLC from Windows 8 Jumplist. The article was updated on March 30, 2012.

VLC Jumplist Windows 7

For Windows 7: The number of recent items that are displayed in Windows 7 Jumplist are 10 by default. You can adjust this value by going to Customize Start Menu option. First right-click the taskbar and select Properties. Now go to Start Menu tab and hit Customize. Here you can adjust the number of recent items to show in the Jumplist.

Customize Windows 7 Recent Items Jumplist

For Windows 8: You can change the maximum number of Jumplist items from Jump Lists tab, which can be accessed from Taskbar Properties.

If you want your favorite media files to permanently stay in Jumplist then you can Pin it to the list.

Pin Media File To Jumplist

Once you have pinned your favorite media files, they will appear in a separate list under Pinned.

Music Pinned In Jumplist

This feature can also be a privacy nightmare, if you don’t want any media files to show in the VLC Player jumplist, then you can remove the file by right-clicking them and selecting Remove From This List.

remove media file from jumplist

If you want to permanently clear/disable the recent items, go to Taskbar Properties, select Start Menu tab (Jump Lists tab in Windows 8), and uncheck Store and display recently opened items option.

Start Menu Windows 7

By disabling this option the items under Recent will be removed but the items under Pinned will remain untouched.

Pinned Music VLC Taskbar

You can pin your favorite media files using this method and access them later in just two clicks. Enjoy!


  1. can someone tell me why the fuck win 7 removed from the start menu favourites/quick access vlc that I use everyday ?

  2. Hi

    Is there a file where the list of recent media is saved, because I find it tedious to shift through entire seasons of series to find out which episode I’m on.

  3. Awesome tip.. thanks! Windows 7 looks good. I’m still getting used to all these new features in it.

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