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Quickly Capture, Edit & Upload Screenshots & Webcam Images With EzSnap

Yet another day, yet another screenshot tool and like always, it comes with a new function. We have covered a lot of screenshot tools in the past, many of them offering something unique to the users. While some, like Screen Sniper, allow you to capture and paste screenshots in bulk, while others, such as Free ShareShot, offer options for editing and optimizing the screenshots for direct printing and uploading. You can even capture screenshots of a remote PC without having physical access to it. EzSnap is another handy tool that allows you to quickly capture screenshots as well as photos using your webcam. You can also edit and upload the captured images, and view as well as sync your entire history and statistics in an online account, allowing you to access to all the images you capture from anywhere, at any time.

When you run the app for the first time, you are asked to create an account with the service. Having an account allows you to save your entire screenshot history online, making sure you never lose a screenshot. In case you don’t want to create an account, you can still use the application as a local screenshot utility. Next, the Settings window pops up, allowing you to configure your preferences for the application. You can choose the image type between JPG and PNG, specify hotkeys for Snap, Drag Drop and and Capture Webcam, and choose to enable the Upload Editor and Drag n’ Drop uploading.

EzSnap Configure

By default, Control + 1 is set as the capture button. Right now, the tool only offers region capture and if you have the Upload Editor enabled, it opens up as soon as you finish capturing the required area. The editor provides you with a multitude of options at the top to edit the image, including a pen tool in different colors and sizes, hand, rectangle, arrow, text and crop tools. Once done with the editing, you can choose to save or share the file via clipboard, PC, email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Upload.

EzSnap Image Editor

In case you have disabled the editor, the captured will be automatically uploaded to your EzSnap account as soon as you capture it.

EzSnap Upload.jpg

You can also edit local images using the EzSnap editor by dragging and dropping them over the specified area. By default, this area can be enabled by pressing Control + 2 on your keyboard.

EzSnap Drag n Drop

By pressing Control+3, you get into webcam capture mode, allowing you to snap an image directly from your webcam.

EzSnap Webcam

The right-click menu allows you to access the Settings panel and view the Image History. Clicking View opens up the image in your browser, while the Copy option lets you copy it URL to the clipboard without opening it first, allowing you to share it quickly with anyone using the URL.

EzSnap Right Click

The complete image history can be viewed by visiting the EzSnap website and logging in with your account. You can view, download and share images, and also get access to some statistics like the total number of images you’ve captured so far, and the total views of captured images.

EzSnap Account

EzSnap is a promising screenshot utility, and we’d love to see it introduce even more features in future releases. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download EzSnap

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