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Quickly Clean Text And Change Word Case With Dolphin Text Menu

It becomes quite a hectic task when it’s required to manually change word case, sort numbers, remove blank spaces in rough drafts. Many users like to change only the prominent part of their draft to make it look a bit tidier and organized rather than leaving the text scattered all over the place. If you want to keep your drafts or daily notes always clean without putting in much effort, give Dolphin Popup Text Menu a try. It is a small on-screen text cleaner which can perform numerous text and number specific operations over any workspace. All you need is to bring up its pop-up menu over the workspace dealing with text and numbers, and choose the action from its menu.

With its text menu, you can quickly append and prepend text and number to lines, sort text and numbers in ascending and descending order, remove character(s) at left or right side of selected text, delete blank lines from selected area, remove leading and trailing spaces, and finally, change selected text case to upper, lower and in Title form.

After the installation, it will sit in system tray. First, you need to configure hotkey combination for bringing up its pop menu. Click Options from system tray menu and define a new shortcut key.

dolphin 1

Once configured, select the content in active workspace over which the aforementioned text and number actions are to be performed. Now use the hotkey combination to bring up the text pop-up menu and choose the required action from respective sub-menus. As shown in the screenshot below that we have changed the text case to Title case form.

dolphin text 3

Similarly, you can perform number-specific operations over numbers from Sort lines and Add to lines sub-menu. To remove junk and other characters from the text workspace, use the Remove sub-menu. Dolphin Text Menu works on all versions of Windows.

Download Dolphin Text Menu

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