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Quickly Copy File/Folder Name To Clipboard & Paste With CopyFilenames Extension

Are you having a hard time in quickly copying the file name? The default method is quite tiresome in Windows, we have to first select the file, click Rename from right-click context menu, and use Ctrl+C combination to copy the file name. CopyFilenames does exactly what its name implies. It let users quickly copy the name of the file/folder to clipboard along with providing an option to paste it for renaming other file or folder name.

The right-click context menu support is seemingly essential in these types of utilities. It supports Windows shell integration to quickly copy the file/folder name from right-click context menu. The Paste Filename option helps in replacing the file/folder name. For this, select the folder/file and from context menu, select Paste Filename option to change the file name instantly.

copy filename1

paste file name1

Copy Filename And Delete option will let you easily copy the name of the file/folder before deleting it. Selecting this option will prompt you to confirm the deletion and copy the folder/file name instantly. It also comes in quite handy for those users who extensively works on CLI based applications. By using this extension in CLI mode, you can quickly paste the file/folder name without having to copy the file/folder name through default method.

copyfile name1

This extension supports all Windows based OS, we tested it in Windows 7 x86 system

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