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Quickly Edit And Convert Routes With Route Converter

If you travel a lot or simply like to keep tab on all routes, then RouteConverter is for you. It is a free cross-platform tool developed on Java that allows you to easily convert and edit routes.

So what’s the use you ask? If you carry a GPS device and have marked every positions, then such a service will come useful if you want to convert the routes to other formats or simply want to edit out the routes that are not needed. Another use for such a tool is when you want to mark down a route and then save it in your GPS device, in this way things work out much quicker.

Working with this tool is a piece-of-cake, every position can be edited, moved, or deleted. If you have multiple routes, you can select the desired one from the list. Please note that this software requires an internet connection to work properly since it marks the routes on Google Earth.

routeconverter main screenshot Click the image above to enlarge

It supports full drag&drop functionality and has some advanced features such as viewing positions of tracks and waypoints apart from routes. You can also split and join routes easily by working on the map. It is a portable tool(requires no installation) and works on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

Download RouteConverter


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